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Gen 2 - Mr2 - What else is required?


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  Looking at purchasing the MR2LINK V1 - #TST185, for my largely stock Gen 2 3S-GTE.   I was unable to view any manuals/datasheets as the link gave a 404 error.   I'm trying to understand A) Beyond the PNP ECU, what other components are necessary?  It seems from the specs that it can use my stock AFM... BUT I see videos of people replacing with MAP (4bar) sensor and an IAT sensor in place of the Cold Start Injector.   Are these mandatory for the system to work?    I want to ensure if I plug in the G+ ECU, load the ST185 start map, and have it will run without any other component changes.  

   Also, since I've been looking at other similar units...does it have an AUTO-TUNE feature with a wideband?  There are NO tuner shops near me, and wouldn't want to drive several hours with a poor base map.    It would be nice (under light loads) to tool around and make small adjustments before taking a larger trip.

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You are best to ditch the AFM since we dont have any calibration data for it.  Our base map is set up to use MAP.  Your car should have a factory fitted MAP sensor which is good for about 18psi boost.  If you want to run higher than that then you will need to upgrade the map sensor.

A proper IAT sensor in the manifold is highly recommended, they only have an airbox temp sensor originally which is not great for a speed density tune, especially since the air temps typically run high in those things.

Our "quick tune" feature is more aimed at auto-tuning on the dyno where you can hold it reasonably steady state for a second or two, it will not be very useful for road tuning.  The mixture map functionality works reasonable for road or track tuning.  This doesnt make live changes during driving, but is used to correct the fuel table based on logged data.   

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