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Voltage regulation


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Hey guys,

wondering if anyone knows if the G4+ models act as voltage regulators? 


Upgrading my alternator to one that doesn’t have a built in voltage regulator, I believe this is because it’s designed to be regulated by the ECU

wondering if I will blow anything up or does the G4+ platform regulate it for me?




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Hi Alex,

We dont have any built in alternator control strategies.  Some you can control with a PWM table but you need to know what sort of signal the Alternator is expecting.  Also some "ecu controlled" alternators still work fine without any control signal - they just output max voltage full time.

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We had a similar issue with an rx8 running a fury, the alternator voltage went up very high (and damaged the ecu).  I didn't have easy access to the bike otherwise I would have worked out an ecu control strategy, so we got the owner to convert to an rx7 alternator which I believe was a direct swap. 



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