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Idle setting for open loop and closed lopp


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idle setting.docxAfter reading the help file for open loop and closed loop idle, I gave it a try to tune again on open loop from start disabling the ignition idle control. When i start from a cold engine adjusting the idle base, I get unstable idling as it moves up and down constantly with error of between 150 to 250 rpm. this becomes more obvious when the engine reach the 80 degrees C. 

The idle gets back to normal after I turn on the ignition idle control in open loop. How can I overcome this in order to tune it correctly and move to closed loop tuning.

My settings on my car are as below:

SARD fuel injector 530cc part no. 63516, deadtime 1.10 ms

Fuel pressure set at 40 psi

Bosch 3 wire solenoid isc

idle setting.docx

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5 hours ago, Davidv said:

ISCV is too slow to really be useful for quick changes in closed loop, you really need to get your fuel dialled in nicely and then ignition trim is the best way to keep it stable in my opinion.

I had this car tuned 2 years back but im surprised many of the tables and settings were overlooked which can contribute to much more refined driving experience if done well. I'll check on the main fuel table and try again setting in closed loop. 

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