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Fuel Pressure Sensor


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Would someone be able to confirm wiring for a MiniLink G4+ XS loomfor a fuel pressure sensor? It looks like Red, 5v to sensor, Green to sensor ground, then I want to verify that that I'd use an analog input, either brown, or grey? It's marked 0-5 volt input, so I'm assuming the fuel pressure sensor would vary returning voltage to the ECU?


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Where are these colours you are quoting - are these XS wire colours, or colours on your sensor wires?

You are right that you need a 5V supply, Sensor ground and an analog input.


Unfortunately for the XS loom colours you will have to open the case up and look at the labels printed on the PCB or pin positions yourself.  The wire colours used in the expansion loom have changed a couple of times over the years so we cant confidently relate colours to pin functions.


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Thank you for the reply. Yes the colors are directly from the loom. I was unaware there were changes in the loom but I would note that there's is a typo in the illustration. There are 8 wires in the loom and on the board connector, but there are 9 definitions for the connector? 

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