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Should i buy g4+ for my st205?


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Hi. Have a 1994 gt4 celica. 24 year old sensors, ecu, etc...Would the g4+ plug in be a good choice? Mostly stock. Would like more power obviously. Do i need to replace knock sensor, replace narrow with wide band? And will the link still run the wta intercooler? Thanks.

Any suggestions grateful for.

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Aside from all the new cool stuff you can have such as launch control etc, the biggest advantage is that you can actually adjust everything to give the engine what it wants and view/log everything realtime.  As an example, say for instance your coolant temp sensor has a dodgy connection, it is pretty obvious when you can see coolant temp in a log or watch it on screen with an aftermarket ECU, but with the OEM ecu you are pretty much unaware of these things and you can chase your tail forever looking for why it runs funny sometimes...

The knock sensor I cant say for sure how well the OEM one will work as I have never played with one, but I think I would allow for changing that to a bosch wideband one so there was no disappointment if the OEM one didnt give a usable signal.

The intercooler pump is connected to an aux output (inj 5).  It is not configured in our MR2 base map but you can set that up to control however you like.  You might want to switch it on based on IAT, MAP, TP, timers or whatever you like.  The bulit-in "IC spray" strategy which cycles the pump on and off at configurable duty cycles when certain conditions are met would probably work well for a WTA IC pump also. 

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