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speed sensor input would not work tried everything ..


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hi ,

i have a problem with the digital input of the speed sensor of a subaru i tired :

other sensor

rewirred the 3 wires  12v ground and signial 

manualy rotating the sensor 

tried another input on the ecu (di3 di4 and the oem di5 )maybe i made a fault ?

i added the file 

or could there be a fault in the ecu ? 

thnx already for looking .


xavier build motor hatch e85.pclr

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Have you tried turning on pullup resistor? Normally there is a 5v pullup signal coming from the dash, but if you have disconnected this you will need to supply a pullup signal from the ECU. 

Here is a speed sensor diagram for a late 90's legacy. The colours may be wrong but the pinouts are likely the same on most subaru's until they went to ABS driven speedo's in the mid 2000's. Is this how you have yours wired up?


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