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EVO 4 with link plugin, not stable idle

Phil Melvin

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hi, just recently purchased, g4 link plugin for my evo4 , everything else running well, 
just the part during the AC kicked in , and disengage. the rpm will drop till 4xx rpm. 
Even without the AC on, just slightly press the throttle, and let go, the rpm also will drop ..
i would apperciate if i can get any pointers on my settings. 
here i attach my PCL . and Log
thanks in advance!


evo 4.llg

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It looks like mostly your base position table has not been tuned.  Whenever you move the throttle, CL gets disabled and the idle motor will jump to whatever position is in your base table, in your case that position is too far closed so the RPM drops until CL kicks in and slowly winds the valve open again. If you do a PC log of a cold start and warm up to somewhere close to normal temp that will give us some numbers to improve the base position table.  Once the base position table has been tuned properly then you can also add idle ignition control to help stabilise things as well.

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3 hours ago, Phil Melvin said:

OK! ill do a PC log , of my cold start. 
or is it i just change it to Open Loop? would solve the problem? 
or just further the problem

The correct procedure is in the help file, typically yes you would start in open loop, build a good base position table and settings for the other step tables then switch to closed loop, but we might be able to shortcut that a bit.


In fact, looking at your map again it doesnt look like this has been tuned at all, it looks like it is virtually unchanged from our base map?  You know fuel and ignition have to be pretty spot on before you mess with idle tuning right?

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