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HELP required setting up Launch control on my Fury


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Hi guys, so i have fitted a inline brake switch from my hydraulic handbrake and wired it on Di2 ans it switches the launch control program on and off no problem at all (well the status changes anyway).

The only thing is, it doesnt do anything at all when enabled. I set the revs to 1500RPM for testing, but it just revs straight past. Anyone got some base settings i can try or i have forgotten to change a setting in the ECU.

Have attached some pics of the ecu status and my settings.

Thanks in advance




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3 hours ago, boXXer said:

Ah ok. What does that do? I know there’s a help file but I’m no ok my laptop. 

This is where you set if you want the launch control to cut ignition or fuel.


2 hours ago, boXXer said:

also, is the launch ignition trim a - (minus) figure or not?

It depends on the other setting above "Ign retard mode".  You currently have it set at "degrees", so an ign trim of -10 will retard the timing by 10 degs (taken off your current ign angle).  +10 would advance the timing.


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