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map to drive car to dyno


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Hi just wanted someone to advise me if they think my car is safe to drive to the dyno. thats about 20 miles on the motorway so no real load. I have mad a very rough map. it does run quite well etc but want some opinions. the engine is a 4 cylinder cosworth engine running on pump fuel "supreme" 80lb injectors. t35 turbo link monsoon ecu. I also don't have any knock detection equipment. or I would tune it myself on the road. 

cosworth map.pclr

30 may log 1.llg

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Assuming you have set base timing and checked all sensors are reading correctly etc then you should be fine to drive it gently on this.

I would take 5deg out of that ignition table as a couple of areas look a little aggressive to me such as around 4500/100Kpa.

Temporarily set the MAP limit low (say 120Kpa) wouldnt be a bad idea too.

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