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S54 TPS issues

Daniel 760R

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I have a custom setup on my Volvo T5 engine with BMW S54 ITB incl the DBW motor. 

TP main and sub will differ in position during normal operating due to the custom linkage/placement of the motor on my application. This is with correct voltage values at closed and open position.

I can’t find the option to use a sensor curve instead for TP sub. I think that would solve my problems.

Any ideas?

Best regards


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The TP main and TP sub sensors must have some sort of linear relationship.  It is not going to work if the ratio varies between them due to non-linear linkages or backlash etc.

I think your only option will be to use just one TP sensor and wire in to both TP analog inputs (suggest the one that is actually on the throttle bodies).

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On 10/4/2018 at 3:13 PM, Brad Burnett said:

very interested in the outcome here.  I have similar set up and face odd operational issues.

I have test the sensor and am very pleast with the result. No longer problems with sub and main linearity.

Was little tricky to find the working aria of the sensor. It has no start and end stops.

Alsow they have main as channel 2 and sub as channel 1.

When  this was figured out it worked perfectly!


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