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Gear shift status


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I want to use Gear Shift Status channel as an input to a virtual aux. In PC Link help failed to identify numeric values corresponding to different states this channel can display (like Speed Lockout, RPM Low Lockout...). Could you give an example of activating virtual aux during shifts, i.e. between Start and End Shift (on sequential gearbox with Start Shift Mode being "Gear Lever Force" and End Shift Mode being "Gear Barrel Position")?

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The best place to find how parameters are stored and used in the ECU is in the CAN setup screen, test calculator.  Example for gear shift status definitions below.




The virtual aux example below I think would cover the complete upshift sequence (start shift to end shift), I dont think you could capture both upshift and downshift using the same VA, but you could with a couple of VA's if needed.





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