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Mxs Strada street fuel tank level setup


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So i have received new mxs Strada street. And installation is going well. But before I get the auto elec to finish up. I have a fuel sender question. 

Can we wire up the fuel sender strait to the dash to get the fuel level?

Or is there another device I need?

I seen a older video if the aims mxs Strada and seen they used a sender unit or something. I'm hoping there is a way to wire it up as I'm starting to run out of money but if I have to I'll buy what's needed i will

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You can connect the fuel level sensor direct to the dash, the only extra thing you will need is a pull up resistor and something to connect the wires.

This document will help you: http://www.aim-sportline.com/download/faqs/eng/hardware/sensors/FAQ_Sensors_Fuel_level_100_eng.pdf

The only thing that doesnt apply in that document is you no longer need the binder connectors as its all done via the main 23pin plug now.

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so I am ready to set up the dash with the software but i cant find the link mxs strada dash in the can drop down menu.

i have tried to update the ecu firmware but it says i have the latest version???? is there something i am missing is there a new firmware update i can not find?


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