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Individual cylinder fuel correction with dual tables


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Hi Jake,

Yes, I can confirm this is not working correctly, I just tested this myself.  How come you are not using modelled-multifuel fuel equation?  It works correctly if you use modelled multifuel mode.  I will add this one to the list of things to fix.

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20 minutes ago, jzx_jake said:

I tried using modelled mode briefly and couldn't get the car to run using it. I'll give it another try.

Ok, give it a shot and report back here if you cant get it to run, it will only be a matter of a setting out somewhere.

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Also dont forget to turn off the IAT trim table.  You may still need two VE tables (as even if all your injector and fuel property data is perfect, VE will still change a little) but at least your individual trims will still work if you need to use two tables now.

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