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E-throttle for 1JZ in RX8

cole watson

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I have an RX8 that im installing a JZX110 1JZ with ETCS-i electronic throttle.

I plan to retain the RX8 electronic pedal and control the Toyota throttle.

Has anyone done this before? 

I plan to use a G4+ Fury

Just want to make sure that i can make the Toyota throttle work without running a cable to the pedal position sensor on the ETCS throttle like Toyota does.

Either that or I could make an adapter and fit an RX8 throttle to the JZ engine which looks to be a similar size.. 

Can I use the throttle for idle control as Toyota does or will i need to add an ICV to the system?

Sorry for the noob questions but this will be my first E-throttle setup, not planning on building a race car, just want it to drive like factory.




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So long as the RX8 outputs two APS signals from the pedal then it will work fine that way. 

ECU just wants 2 TPS and 2 APS, doesnt care where they come from.

Yeah you can setup a table to vary the e-throttle angle based on cold start etc so no ISCV needed. 

Just something to note, make sure your normal throttle map keeps the throttle plate away from the end stops, like if right to end stop is 100% travel then only go 98% or whatever. 

As otherwise you break e-throttle gears if it slams the stops (been there done that) 

If that e-throttle setup has an electromagnetic clutch like the Altezza system does, then you can run a PWM to it to soften the clutch near the end stops to reduce chances of damage.

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