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Thunder APS/TPS

Grant Baker

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Have you had a good read through the aux output options table? These are out of date on occasion, but it says ethrottle 1 has to be on aux9+10 and ethrottle 2 on aux 17+18




As for the analog input thing, this section here implies that the circuitry behind an13-16 is slightly different than the lower analog inputs. No idea how its different but it doesnt look like just a bug. Cant you move something else over to one of these inputs and use a lower number input for tps?


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Yep, CJ has it right here, Aux 9/10 & 17/18 are the only ones connected to the E-throttle driver.

For the analog inputs, as well as the slightly reduced voltage range, AV13-16 are also sampled with a lower priority so I suspect that is why safety critical sensors cannot be assigned.

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Ethrottle1 is recommended to be on aux 9 and 10 on a wire in ECU, as these are powered by pin 5 on the b plug and thus allow indepenant relay control of the power ( allowing the ECU to shut down the ethrottle for safety).  For some reason, the plug ins don't use this strategy... 

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