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ID1000's I'm confused


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So I am about to turn the key on my 4 year build! I have ID 1000's fitted and im trying to input the short pulse width adder values and that's were the confusion starts. Firstly the data set supplied by injector dynamics is little help as the defined injector effective pulse width times don't align with the values in the PC link software and you can't seem to amend the axis values to suit, so that renders the ID supplied data useless. Secondly the Link help file has values for ID1000's which would be great but they are obviously quite different to the values provided by Injector Dynamics! I have requested ID amend the specific Link data to suit the axis values locked into the PCLink software, im still waiting. Its odd because I have a Link P&P in my RX7 which also has ID injectors and the data supplied with them is spot on. Can anyone shed any light? I've attached the data off the ID website support page for reference. I can't be the first person to hit this hurdle with such a popular injector.


ID1000 - Link Characterization Tables - 2-23-16.xls

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2 hours ago, Brad Burnett said:

ID has several data sets for the 1000cc units.  Use the values for either efi live or hp tuners.  The link ecu uses the same axis break points as a GM ecu.

Spot on dude, thats exactly what i was looking for. Thanks man

2 hours ago, Confused said:

Change the table to a 3D table, and you can change the axis values.

that doesn't work for short pulse width adder data.


I should also add for prosperity the values in the help file are still massively wrong.

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On 10/31/2018 at 1:14 AM, Adamw said:

Can you point out where?  I had a quick look and it seems to match to me...



Very strange, if you open the link i put in the first post to the ID support page the numbers are very different. I've know idea whats right and whats wrong now.

Where did the spreadsheet you've clipped come from?


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22 hours ago, Adamw said:

You might have to ask them what is going on there.  The one I attached was the GM data.  The Link one seems wrong to me to have a non-zero adder at zero pulsewidth...

I have raised the issue with ID weeks ago, I still haven't heard anything! 

I think I'll just go with the data you have posted and see how I get on, if all else fails I'll take the same approach as Rob W

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The most interesting thing for me is that short pulse adder changes depending on your fuel pressure. I'd already worked this out playing with the Motec data, but useful to see it from a vendor.

Couldn't tell you why the short pulse is different between the two ID sets though. If you press Alt-F11 in Excel you can unhide the worksheet with the data and have a look but its just a hardcoded table of short pulse by pressure. 

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