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ABS sensor for wheel speed


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I'm trying to get an abs sensor on a Eunos Cosmo to send a speed signal to a G4+ xtreme which will then display on an Aim dash via can bus. I'm using DI 1 and have tried all sorts of settings but I'm just not getting any signal. The sensor is a 2 wire, I have grounded 1 wire and the other goes to the DI. I have tried abs sensors on different wheels but still no luck. What am i doing wrong? Thanks.

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Some 2 wire sensors on ABS are a strange hall effect that need powered


Are you sure your 2 wire is a regular inductive sensor ? Have you grounded the wire to signal ground ? Not battery or chassis ground.


Can you scope it to see if there is any reaction at all from the sensor ?

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Thanks for the replies. I also thought the wheel speed could be too slow, so i took the car for a drive but still nothing.

I have tried grounding to chassis and also sensor ground. Im unsure what type the sensor is. I hooked it up to a multimeter and it creates a small mv reading near a metal object.

I might try a different DI channel tonight.

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