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skyline R33 series 2 IAT boost solenoid widebend


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need bit of help can i use XSL loom to wire all these sensors

IAT would i be able to wire it to air flow meter plug if so (ground and sensor input) no positive or connect to positive 

boost solenoid 12v to one wire with fuse and where dos the other wire go?


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You can wire the temp sensor to Expansion 1, one pin to the sensor ground wire, the other pin to temp 3 or temp 4.

For the boost solenoid you can either get a second expansion loom and connect it to either ign 7 or 8, or the other option would be to run a new wire down to the main ECU header and connect it to the pin that is normally used for boost control (pin 25).

For a map just use our GTS base map and adjust the master fuel to allow for the injector size.

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