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Trigger calibration issue

Clint a

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Hi team, 

Im a Complete newbe to ecus and am having issues calibrating the trigger set up and base timing with my atom  , if anyone could shed some light in my situation it would be much appreciated as I’m trying to get it to start and idle prior to sending it a tuner as I don’t have deep pockets 

im running a 3sge “non beams” gen 3 from a st202 Celica on 4age itb’s with a bunch of gen 2 parts to enable easy mounting in red format , To complicate things I’m running cop from a cr14 Nissan march via the original distributor. Current timing mark is 0 tbc  

Wired as 


Wire description

Loom to ECU Colour code 

Installation connection 

Trigger 1 


CAS crank

Trigger 2


CAS cam

Analogue temp input 1 


Water temp

Analogue temp input 2

Yellow / Brown 

Air Intake temp

Analogue volt 1

Yellow / Blue

MAP pin 2 

Analogue volt 2

White / Brown 


Analogue volt 3

Yellow / Black

TPS pin2

+5v out

Red / Blue


Ignition 1 

Brown / Black

COP 1 pin3 

Ignition 2 


COP 2 pin 3

Ignition 3

Brown / Red

COP 3 pin 3

Ignition 4 

Brown / Orange

COP 4 pin 3 

Injection 1


Injector 1

Injection 2

Blue / Brown

Injector 2

Injection 3

Blue / Red

Injector 3

Injection 4

Blue / Orange

Injector 4

Auxiliary output 1 

Orange / Black


Auxiliary output 2

Orange / Brown

Fan relay coil

Auxiliary output 3

Orange / Red

Fuel pump relay coil 

Auxiliary output 4 



Digital input 1

Grey / Black


Digital input 2

Grey / Brown


I’ve tested the cops individually and confirmed they work 

Trigger 1 configuration 

trigger 1 type =  reluctor

trigger 1 filtering = level 1 (low)

muti-tooth posn = cam

tooth count = 24

trigger arming threshold table  .0    1k    2k   3k  4K  5k  6k 

                                                         0.5 2.0 3.0 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 

trigger 2 configuration 

trigger 2 type =  reluctor

Trigger 2 type filtering = level 2 filtering 

sync mode = cam pulse x1

trigger arming threshold table  .0    1k    2k   3k   4K   5k    6k 

                                                       0.5. 2.0. 3.0. 3.5. 3.5. 3.5. 3.5. 


The issue I have is as follows

I’ve set up a little ht lead between my cop and spark plug on cylinder 1 

when I go into  triggers calibrate with fuel turned off and try to set base timing and crank it I’m not getting a spark every revolution so can’t set / adjust the timing 

what on earth have I done wrong or have I missed , I’m sure it obvious to people with knowledge but I’m stumped ! 


Regards Clint

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Your basic settings look alright.  Does it show stable and realistic RPM in the software when you are cranking?  If not, my first suspicion would be the arming thresholds are too high - the Toyota dizzys put out quite low voltage at cranking speeds.

So I would put 0.2V in the 0RPM cell and 0.5V in the 1000RPM cell in both trig 1 & 2 arming threshold tables.

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