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Fire up problem cold start on e85


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Dear All,

I am running on my Mitsubishi Lancer evo 9 with Plug in Link g4+

I have one problem with my car, i have no good fire up on cold condition with E85.

i leave in mountain area during winter air temp is around 0 degre

somebody can help me to solve the problem? I am in modelled multi fuel equation

i join picture on my set up

Thanks in advance


link set up cold start.jpg

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17 minutes ago, 434josh said:

Bud what is the exact issue? Does it start and instantly die? Does it crank and crank but not fire?

Each issue has a different fix. 

sorry i forgot to explain issue.

i need to have 5 or 6 time long action on starter before engine start ,

it crank and crank but not fire

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Is it tuned for gasoline too?

I know this might not be the solution you're looking for but have you tried to add some gasoline to the mix?

I found that running E65 - E70 helped tremendously with the start up. It was around -5 deg Celsius when I tried this. Haven't had the change to test more since I blew the gearbox. :)

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In my experience with E85, they are typically harder to start when its cold or the car has sat for a week or so, I havent came upon a good fix yet, although I have tried a few different attempts, that being said the stock ecu had the same issues with E85 so its not just standalone having the problem, its possibly the injectors not atomizing the ethanol as well as the gasoline and the higher flash point and water intrusion that happens with ethanol.

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