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Mx5 nb crank sensor calibration.


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Hi all,

I recently put a 1.8 bp4w engine in my nb miata. I am using the mx5 na plug in ecu. 
I rewired all the necessary wires to make it run properly. 

The na miata for wich this ecu was designed uses a cam angle sensor with 2 signals.

Now since the nb miata uses a sepperate crank and cam sensor, i wired these to the corresponding triggers of the plug in link ecu. 

when watching my triggers, i only get a signal from the cam pos sensor. i am thinking i need to calibrate the crank sensor properly but i cant manage to do so.

below is a picture of the trigger plate. As you can see there are 4 triggers. Can anyone help me set this sensor up?


Thanks in advance,


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