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How accurate / reliable is quick trim? I.e if I use a log file from a run, found the nearest recorded rpm & kPa point to a corresponding cell on the fuel table, would that give a reasonably accurate cell calculation? For example 69kPa @ 3903rpm, 15.38 AFR with 14.16 target AFR would the calculated value in the target 4000rpm 70kPa cell be close enough? 

Or do the rpm & kPa data points need to match the fuel table exactly?

I'm having a few difficulties road tuning my car solo, stumbled across the quick trim function while noodling around last night, wondered if this might be the solution I'm looking for. I realise it'll take a long time to gather enough data to fill out all the regularly used cells in the table.



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14 hours ago, MarcD said:

What about mixture map? 

I've managed somehow to screw up the settings somehow, for unknown reasons I can't update the map

12 hours ago, Rob W said:

It pays to check your Throttle Position when using mixture map. Decel screws the readings.

yep, have set the TPS column right beside MGP in logged values for that exact reason

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