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link g3 to g4 update with g4 look


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Hi all

I have always used the g4 extreme software and i love it. I recently picked up a G3 plus for real cheap. I was wondering if I upgrade to the g4 firmware will my software and home page layout will look the same as the g4 extreme homepage? And will I be able to use the G4 maps?

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The G3-G4 firmware upgarde is a "paid for" option.  Basically you order the upgrade through a dealer, give them your ECU serial number and they will get an upgrade code from us.  You then use the G4 software and do a firmware update as normal, it will require you to enter the upgrade code at the beginning of the process.

The upgrade cost is about NZD$200 at this time.

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I will get @Simon to confirm tomorrow as I have never done a G3 plus, only the smaller G3.  I suspect there is no "load 2", it was probably reserved for special plug-in applications.

Once upgraded the G3 dedicated load inputs become freely assignable analog inputs in the G4.  So the G3 analog inputs get "offset" by two.  Something like this: 



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