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E-throttle R34 GTT + 350z pedal


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Just a quick question, i have a the gtt plug in which i will be fitting into the car shortly but at the same time i am converting to E-throttle, i have the following to fit;

76mm Bosch DBW TB

350z pedal with sensors.

I was mainly just looking for what pins to use as it says to use Aux4 and Aux9 in the help file which is fine, sot of, aux 4 is the old IACV  pin 11, but what pin is aux9? also the e throttle relay, where does that one go?


If someone has a complete wiring guide for it, it would be much appreciated.


i know the following pin outs

350z pedal                                           Bosch TB

1 - Sensor Ground                               1 - Motor (-)

2 - APP1                                                2 - TPS (-)

3 - Sesnor Ground                               3 - TPS (5v+)

4 - +5V (app1)                                      4 - Motor (+)

5 - APP2                                               5 -  TPS 2 (out)

6 - +5v (app2)                                      6 - TPS 1 (out)


If it helps i don't need any outputs for the AC or the PAS as they both have been completely removed as has the IACV, due to being redundant with an e-throttle.

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