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injector staging isssue


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I have a quick question regarding my link fury injector staging on my rx7.  I have secondary injectors set to stage in at 6.5 psi (MGP) to take on 10% of the overall flow in the staging table at 8psi its set to be 25% and so on until the pulse widths match at 12.3psi.   im looking at a log and i can find that at shortly after the 10 minute mark my injector staging table value reads 34% but my secondary inj duty cycle value is always 0 while my primary injectors are over 100% duty cycle.  i have a 3000 rpm secondary lockout as well as a 3 ms lockout set but neither of these should affect the secondaries as the rpm is close to 4000 and im sure at providing 34% of flow the ms value should be greater than 3. am I missing something?  I have attached my tune but the log is 5mb and wont let me upload so i attached a screen shot that shws 'inj duty cycle (sec) to be 0 at the moment when the staging table reads 34%.  thanks is advance for your help.

0 sec pulse width log.png


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It is the minimum pulsewidth lockout.  In the screenshot above you have a primary pulse width of 16.011ms.  34% of this would be 5.44ms.  Your sec/pri ratio is 2.38, so the calculated secondary pulse width to achieve 34% of that total fuel flow would be 5.44/2.38 = 2.29ms. 

I suggest dropping that PW lockout down to 1.5-1.8ms since you have small primaries.

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