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56 or 60mm ethrottle

Grant Baker

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Hi guys. 

Can anybody recommend a decent ethrottle body in 56-60mm? That’s internal size, not the size of the hose. 

I know VW/Audi have one but can’t find which one it is - part number specifically.

Thanks in advance 

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I think Subarus are around 65mm or so hose size and have a decent bead around them. Might be 70mm max.

So should be in that size range for blade


This thread suggests 60mm blade. Easily enough for 6-700hp, and Japanese reliability.



Not the most compact though. Some of the Bosch stuff is a little more compact. Although I think the Hitachi/GTR blades are around 60mm or so too ?

Might be a good few of those knocking about as people upgrade. Although some upgrades require the re-use of their motors.


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Bosch 06a 133 062c

Here's some additional info that might help others

60mm ID, 65 OD
60mm square bolt pattern, 6mm holes
Bolts onto SR20DET intake with m8 to m6 inserts
i copied Audi TT plugin E-Throttle 'setup' settings
Same connector as Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband sensor 



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No probs, as a DIY'er it was a headache trying to find a suitable TB, a list like your compiling would have helped a lot.
I have a spare 350z TB, 75mm iirc 
If you need details for that let me know and I'l dig it out.

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