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Thunder lambda sensors

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Your 5V is rock solid in both logs so I dont know what you are on about there.  Everything else looks terrible though including RPM, it sure seems like a ground issue.  The TPS dropping in and out would suggest you have a loose connection somewhere.  Try setting up a big digital gauge on a spare PC Link page with just TP displayed. Then go and wiggle all the wires to see if TP jumps around on the screen.

Can you try moving the MSD main ground off that post and ground it straight to the engine block.



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I must be looking at something wrong.

2 screen grabs below - first is prior to disconnecting and disabling lambda 2, second is after - in both the graphed 5v is all over the place, the value below is stable, is this just "noise" inthe graphi ng

Will move that ground as well

Screenshot 2019-03-31 08.18.33.png

Screenshot 2019-03-31 08.21.43.png

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