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Removing ecu mounting bracket


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Is there an easy way to remove the ecu from the metal bracket once it has been snapped in?

changing spec of a job has required a slight change in mounting location of an ecu so I’ll need to mount the bracket to something else and I can’t see an easy way to get the ecu unclipped without marking it with screwdrivers etc

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No, they are a bugger, and the thunder is the hardest!  You can use a sacrificial bit of plastic (like a credit card) slid under one corner if you don't want to mark anything.  Alternatively, if you're in a hurry a screwdriver will suffice (but will mark either the bracket or the ecu or both) 

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Thought I would add a very simple and effective way of removing the ecu from the bracket-

Use 2x Stanley blades, the triangular carpet

cutter blades, Sharp edge under the "roll" of the bracket, push inward and "roll" them out.

Pops out like a dream.

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