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LAt and Lond Accel values


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I was playing with the virtual Aux in order to setup a blip mode for downshifting with my 350z and noticed there is Lateral and Longitudinal acceleration in the condition fields.

Is the G4+ equiped with a g-meter ? or are those calculated based off wheel speeds inputs.

I was thinking of adding a button to blip the throttle unto the steering wheel. Or wiring the clutch switch to the DI8 on the expansion port.

Basically, the formula will be

Long Acceleration < 0G AND clutch and brake switch active and button pressed = blip throttle for x seconds.

Is that feasible ? The brake pedal by itself activates both DI's I need to separate the clutch by itself.


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The accel channels only work with the Thunder ECU which has built in accelerometers.

You should be able to use the gearshift control function to do the downshift blip.  It will look at clutch switch and throttle position to determine if it is an upshift or downshift and apply the appropriate strategy from there.

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Thanks Adamw. 

Do you know which input (DI4 or DI6) cancels the cruise control ? I have 2 choices of rewiring the pedal switches. The 350z has 2 inputs. 1 from the brake light switch( DI4) and the DI6 is both switches ( cluth and brake) in series. which means DI6 cannot differentiate between brake only or brake/clutch together.  I could bypass the brake switch and have DI6 being the clucth switch only but I am afraid cruise control will be affected. 

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