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V8 Distributor modification

Richard Hill

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We have a rover V8 engine in a TVR which is getting a storm ecu, and planning to run sequential fuel, wasted spark with coil packs and a 4 channel ignition amp.  We are putting a 36-1 trigger wheel on and plan on grinding off 7 of the 8 lobes on the distributor shaft to give a phase sensor (also plan to lock the base plate).  Is there any guideline as to which tooth to leave?  Having looked at the help file, it looks like avoiding the trigger wheel gap is the way to go, should I leave number one in place?  We will also have a bit of phase adjustment from moving the distributor body.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi - I did this to the MSD distributor on my Dodge V8 . I timed the dizzy as you would ordinarily- found the no1 tooth and ground off the remaining 7 . The MSD dizzy had the facility to lock it - so no centrifugal advance comes into play . Also it is a VR type pickup . When i timed the gap on the 60-2 wheel i used - it was approx 90 degrees away from when TDC occurred at the dizzy . I had no issues with phasing of the gaps so cant say either way about that . 

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The only important thing is it does not occur within the crank "gap" or the 30degs following it (1st three teeth for 36T wheel), anywhere else will be fine and there is no particular spot that is any better than any other in terms of sync speed etc. 

Also FYI, the info in the help file for multitooth/missing is a bit wrong how it suggests the sync tooth must be in the "50%" green zone centred between two crank teeth, this is not important at all.

Below is a corrected draft I done that was meant to make it in to the help file this release but didnt.  It may help.


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