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Spitronics out and Storm in... but wont fire up


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Hello all.

I have just ripped out the old spitronics Venus and installed the storm.... however it wont start.

its a 1990 1uzfe with an M112 supercharger running K20 cops

When I crank it over it will not fire at all until I stop cranking and then I get a backfire, I can smell the fuel.

all injectors are clicking on test

all ignitors test well with strong sparks when on test but do not spark when cranking.....?

engine speed reads around 170rpm on cranking and I am getting a green box for triggers 1 and 2

I have around 8 to 9 volts at the ecu when cranking    (too low maybe?)

the base map supplied with the ecu was for a vvti 1uzfe with boost but I have the non vvti engine ,  would this be a problem?

I think my backfire is because when I turn off the ignition the ignitors spark due to the field collapsing maybe

I have entered the unlock code supplied and my status says   enabled ecu

the ignitors are set to direct spark, is there another way to turn them on or off?


im getting a new bigger battery tomorrow as my old one  doesn't seem up to the job but i'm doubting that will be the problem but you never know. the spitronics wouldn't start unless the battery was fully charged.


Base map and a log of the cranking are attached if anyone can help. Any ideas are very much appreciated at the moment, im really looking forward to hearing her run.


Many thanks




Log 2019-03-31 3;42;36 pm.llg base map 1uzfe.pclr

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Is your timing reading something sensible with a light?  But yes, the injection mode is set to off in the file attached

Also turn off the cam control mode in VVT setup, it's currently configured for a vvti engine.

Your trigger filtering and arming threasholds don't match the recommended starting points for the 1uz listed in the help file

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Sorry I should have mentioned I turned off the fuel to stop the backfires and flooding of the motor with the repeated priming.

I cant use the timing light as I have no spark when cranking... it only sparks when I put it in test mode.

I haven't touched the arming thresholds or filtering, they are what came with the base map form brands hatch racing.

I will do as you advise tomorrow and fit the new battery.

Thank you for your help fellas, much appreciated.




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I have made all recommended changes above and now I do have a spark.

it seems a little erratic as I crank over though.

issue is the same no firing until I turn the key off and then it backfires.

I have taken a couple of trigger scopes and they don't look like the one on the help file, can anyone tell me if these are ok?

Its the same reading but I altered the amplitude. At 5v like the help file you don't see much

Any input appreciated

Thank you

trigger svope 1.jpg

trigger scope 2.jpg

trigger scooe 3.jpg

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Scope looks ok.

You might need to lower trigger 1 arming threshold a little as you only just have a little over 0.5V coming out of the crank sensor.  Try something like below.

Have you put a timing light on to check timing is in the ballpark?


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She is purring away now :-)

To sum up what i had wrong...

I had the wrong trigger settings, i changed from 1uzfe vvti  to multi tooth

i turned off the digital inputs for the variable camshafts

I altered the arming thresholds as above

I changed the trigger offset to -354

it would seem i was firing on the exhaust stroke before 

I now plan to book it into a dyno for a tune.

Thank you very much to all above for all the input ... Top Gun Tech support!!!


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