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Innovate MTX-D Oil Pressure / Temp Data

Grant Baker

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Customer has brought me an EVO 8 to fit a plugin G4+ and he has fitted an Innovate MTX-D Oil Pressure / Temp gauge.

He's not keen on fitting "more sensors" to the car, so wants us to use the gauge output... Easy you say? Well no... It's not got analogue outs! Only the MTS Data stream.

So, I'm guessing the MTS stream is not able to be input to the G4+, therefore I need to piggy back the pressure and temp sensors.

Anybody done this? Any tricks needed?

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I have piggy backed several sensors, pin the sensor signal wire into an analogue volt input.  Select a suitable calibration type (often linear for pressure and table for temperature) , then run the sensor up as high as possible and note the calibrated reading on the gauge versus the voltage in pc link.  Linear sensors will be ratiometric.  For non linear sensors I create a spreadsheet and then curve fit the temperature data .  It often exhibits a logarithmic response.



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Actually it's not possible to share sensors with MTX-D, it does something fruity measuring all sensors using a single ADC and switches the pull-up on/off when it takes the measurement.  See this post for more info: 


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Yes, although the calibration is unknown so you will have to do some trial and error to work out the calibrations.  The temp sensor will likely use the AC Delphi calibration.  Pressure sensor will need to be wired to 5V, sensor ground and an analog input (pinout unknown but should be able to work it out from gauge wiring).  Temp sensor will be wired to sensor gnd and a temp input (either way around).

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