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Idle speed Control Gain Tables 

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Yes, that should not happen, can you attach a copy of your .pclr file so I can do some testing?


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Hello Adam,


I would like to post further information to support your investigation.


Bottom window is Idle Proportional Gain Table.

Second window from bottom is Idle Anti Stall Gain Table.

Tokugawa-san did the following process ;

AA. change values and push F4 to store the data to ECU.

BB. Main key OFF -> ON.

CC. Then the values become different value. (concern point!)


Tokugawa-san has asked LINK Japan few days ago, but no feedback.


We are the member of the group who is interesting and enjoying LINK ECU in Japanese SNS.


I hope you will provide good solution.

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Ok, thanks for the file.  I have been able to reproduce the same problem you see on the bench with your file.  I will pass this on to the engineering team to take a look.

わかりました、ファイルをありがとう。 私はあなたがあなたのファイルであなたがベンチで見るのと同じ問題を再現することができました。 見てみるために、これをエンジニアリングチームに渡します。

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On 4/13/2019 at 11:13 AM, tokugawa said:

Has there been any progress?

Please tell me the status of the survey.

It should hopefully be fixed in the next release, but I dont have an idea when that will be yet.  As far as I can see it is not going to affect how your car runs right - you just need to set the gain back to the correct setting after you change the target table?


18 hours ago, tokugawa said:

If you have checked various data,
I noticed something strange.

Is the internal data full?

I believe this can happen when a firmware update adds a new feature that shifts a memory allocation.  You just need to reset the statistics.



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