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Tacho not working

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Hi, i have one of suzuki jimny jdm and swap to suzuki M16A VVT engine with Linkecu G4 plus civic 92-95 connector. I have set my tacho out with Aux 6.

But why my original tacho meter still not working. It's the setting problem or wrong signal. Please tell me how to solve it.  Thanks.....

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Aux 5 & Aux 6 on the H92+ ecu where designed to highside drive the VTEC and Intake solenoid so they have a special highside drive circuit added which basicaly inverts the signal.  You could add a pull down resistor to make it drive a normal tacho but Im not sure if that's all you will need.  Was the Suzuki Jimny tacho originally connected to the ecu or to the ignition coil?

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