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Set up calibration VR4LINK


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Hi there, I have 95% of my wifing setup and had a couple calibration questions.  

1 - is there a list of the 'cal' setting for sensors. I have a 250psi pressure sensor for my oil pressure. 


2 - a freind has a link pkug in ecu in his evo and said you can set up the tacho sweep feature to display enthanol contenton start up. I checked the tacho setting but can not find where you would set that up. 

3 - when i did my map calibration and checked display reading with igntio on but engine off it reads 14.9psi.. How do i correct it back to zero and is the internal 4 bat sensor ( 1 bar negative and 3 bar positive) ? 


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  1. There is no built-in calibration for a 250psi sensor.  Use Cal 4,5 or 6.  I suggest you input the calibration values in kpa (it will still be displayed/logged in psi).  Normally for a 250psi sensor would be input value A = 0.5V.  Input Value B = 4.5V.  Output value A= 0Kpa, output value B = 1724kpa 
  2. No I think he's dreaming.
  3. MAP is an Acronym for Manifold Absolute Pressure.  0Psi Absolute is a total vacuum.  14.7psi is normal atmospheric pressure so your MAP is reading correct.  If you want to see 0psi at atmosphere then use the parameter MGP (manifold Gauge Pressure) instead.  Yes A 4Bar MAP sensor would allow 3 Bar above atmosphere.
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Fantastic . That all makes sense. This system is a little more involving thsn my last system,  but so far very happy. Tomorrow is start up day. finger crossed. 

The setup is a little different than stock. I have removed the coil igniter and have fitted 4 coils run in direct fire setup. The whole harness is new and wired the tacho to Inj5 out. Seems to work great. 


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