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Injector Timing

Jacky Fung

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Hi there,

I'm replacing K20 injector (As I know 310cc) into a B series Civic. I think i need to change the injector timing for them. Where can I get the correct timing for that injector and Link G4+?

Thanks in advance.


P.S.: Attached w/ the timing from a template of civic. 


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OH, thx for your kindly help!!!


On 4/7/2019 at 10:40 AM, Adamw said:

Your tacho is what is known as a "high level" tacho. Since it was originally driven directly from the ignition coil, it needs to see about a 40V spike to trigger, the Link aux outputs are only 12V so this is not enough to drive it. 

You will need a tacho booster, you can either buy a commercially available option such as this:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/142171581596 or you can use an old relay coil to do a similar job.  I suggest you use one of the ignition outputs on the expansion loom to drive the tacho booster as the normal aux outputs have a flyback diode connected internally which can work against you.


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Hi there,

I'M running K20 injector, i think its 270cc. i want to change the injector dead timing and flow rate and about to change the battery Volt 


am not able to change Axis setup.

could you please help me to sorted out this 

and please share with me injector dead timing and flow rate 


Thanks Guys, Cheers


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On 6/8/2019 at 11:30 PM, Nadeerawick said:

I'M running K20 injector, i think its 270cc

All stock K20 & K24 injectors are 310's. B & D series were 240 or 270 depending on model. Are there any numbers on them, or do you know for certain which engine/chassis they came out of?

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Hi Cj,

Bro I know its Only below information of my car  

Modal 2003

Engine K20 Stock

RSX base Model 

i have got some information from K manager software. please see screenshot below 


K20 RSX type S is 310cc injector but am confused right now. 


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Are there any numbers on the injectors? if not, what is the full code/model of the engine? 

Are you planning to run modelled mode or traditional? From memory the dead times in Kmanager are very similar between the 310's and these. If you are going to run traditional mode anyway, it probbaly wont matter which you actually have, as your master value will just be 1ms higher or something.

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As Adam said, you have to change the table to 3d before it will let you adjust the axis values.


Then set up the axes with "none" on Y axis


As long as you are using traditional you dont need to set the injector size directly, you effectively just tell it directly how long to turn on for, and you tune these number until the car runs right. The size of the injector and the dead times mostly just get hidden in the tune. The numbers in Kmanager are similar enough between 270/210/360 that in traditional mode it wont really matter which you use - assuming hondata has pulled OEM numbers from an ECU. I've never actually confirmed where they got them but no one seems to have any better numbers to use.

The downside to this is if you change injectors you need to re-tune your fuel table.

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