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CAN - LAMBDA not recognized used by ECU


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So i finally have my 1uz running (to an extent) and trying now to get my link CAN LAMBDA to work, I have followed the wiring as per instructions apart from using the resistor as I saw on here a while ago someone had success with the g4+ without it.

Where I'm at - I go through the settings in the CAN devices in the ECU controls drop down and when I search for CAN devices the ECU cannot find it. I have checked power in and ground which are bothered good. The other 2 wires have 3.5v on one and battery voltage on the other. Both CAN H and L are connected to the relevant wires on the ECU (digital input 9 and 10 from memory).

Any ideas much appreciated.

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You have the CAN lambda configured on both CAN 1 & CAN 2, im not certain but that could potentially upset things so I would start by turning off the one that is incorrect.  If your Lambda is connected to the DI9/10 pins then that is CAN 2 so I would turn off CAN 1.

Once you have done that then reboot ECU, go to the runtimes screen (f12) and have a look at the CAN tab, see if there are any read errors showing on CAN 2.

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