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Sr20 vvt issue

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Hi guys, my car is away being tuned and the tuner said he’s struggling with the vvt as it isn’t working. On aux 8 on the ECU it says vvt/purge and purge is being activated when you let off the throttle but getting no vvt. Also does anyone know if the the vvt on a s14a sr20 is just on/off or variable? My knowledge is very limited so I’m just going off information I have got off him to try ask on here so excuse my lack of technical knowledge. 




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I'l go into detail to help any others that struggle with the setup.
Open up PClink, help-contents--G4+plugin installation manual- then open pin functions and pinouts for ns15+
You will see for S15 (and I believe S14a/Kouki) if aux8 is purge then inj5/pin105 is VVT

The solenoid has constant 12v and is earthed to switch on, not variable so not controlled by 'VVT Control' in PCLink.
In stock form the VVT solenoid is activated between 1050-5700rpm and only when in gear (Neutral switch not active) and not at idle (TPS over a certain voltage)

A local(ish) tuner and link dealer helped me with the following setup info but it should really be documented in my opinion since it is a plug in. Have a look at R34GTT base map 'cam switched' as an example.
Injector drives only allow 2 conditions so Virtual will need to be used if setting it up with these conditions

Pics attached


Good deed for today.jpg

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