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  1. Chris1388

    Link Monsoon Install

    Hi Adam, thanks for the responses. Yea we don't have any inspections where the obd2 is scanned so the OEM ecu can throw all the codes it wants. On the wiring, it may be safer to wire new relays in based on what you're saying.
  2. Chris1388

    Link Monsoon Install

    Adam, this car is cable throttle as I stated before so the problems with e throttle are not a consideration. Yes both trigger signals on the engine are hall effect sensors. Going back to the sharing, would the monsoon be able to share the tps signal with the OEM ecu? In terms of wiring to the link, can I reuse all the oem relays and wiring straight to the link without the need to fit new relays? On the note about codes being thrown, I'm not too concerned with the codes since theoretically the oem ecu would have little outputs to cause anything weird with performance or driveability....maybe only the idle control could possibly behave funny? Chris.
  3. Chris1388

    Link Monsoon Install

    My intent is to leave the idle control and AC to the OEM ecu.
  4. Chris1388

    Link Monsoon Install

    Hi all, I'm new on here and wanted to get some feedback concerning an install that I want to undertake on my car soon. The vehicle in question is a 2004 Suzuki Ignis Sport, it runs a high compression 1500cc DOHC 16 valve (M15A) engine with variable valve timing on the intake cam only. It is cable throttle operated, MAP based on the OEM ecu, and uses wasted spark ignition. Currently, all wiring and ecu is 100% stock Suzuki. I would like to install a Link Monsoon into this car as a piggy back type install alongside the OEM ecu. Basically I want the link to give me control to tune fuel, ignition and vvt and leave everything else to the OEM ecu. Has anyone on here had any experience installing a Link into a Suzuki of this era? My plan is to leave the following solely on the OEM ecu: Idle control, coolant temp, intake air temp, starter, air conditioning, abs, electronic power steering I would then give the Link sole control of the following: MAP through Link on board, Injectors, Ignition coils, Fuel Pump, VVT solenoid, radiator fan......I will wire an independent coolant and intake air temp senor to the Link I would then share the following between both ECUS's crank and cam triggers and TPS. I am however unsure if the TPS would be able to be shared by both ECU's, can someone shed some light on this? Have I overlooked anything else that I should be considering? Thanks, Chris.