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  1. Still having issues with getting the engine started. With a plug out of the cylinder I can see a good spark when I do an ignition test, however when I turn the engine over the spark is significantly weaker!
  2. Hi Simon thanks for the post. Checked the coils and got it the engine going but need to do a good wiring check including ht leads.
  3. I am using a high performance 4 coil pack from NZEFI
  4. ECU is a Storm G4. Ignition test is fine. Injectors test is fine. In fact set everything up with no problems and went to start it and it wouldn’t start. Realised i’d Set the timing on the exhaust stroke and then tried to set on compression stroke and now I can’t get the timing to work. Getting stable rom at about 300. Ok real weird one this. Have just managed to set the timing by attaching to a plug whilst on top of the engine. Eg plug in cylinder no spark. Plug out get spark. Plug in the cylinder will fire at other times when there is no compression. This is a project that I’ve picked up 50% complete so have limited history
  5. Hi, New to ECU's, Have just rewired my car which has a CA18det and using Link G4. Everything seems fine until I try to set the timing. At TDC for the exhaust stroke with an offset of 260 deg the spark plug will fire but when I set the offset to -100 deg for TDC of the compression stroke I get no spark. Have just changed the CAS as I thought that was the issue however still not resolved. Any help or hints would be appreciated.
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