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  1. Thought I had posted this response last night but it obviously failed! Update: Fan is working Verified that Aux 3 mentioned in post above, was indeed set to "Test On" in the ECU, this was however previously set to Engine Fan 1... My Engine Fan 1 on Aux 6 was not working like this, but once I changed that Aux 3 to be "off" all of a sudden Aux 6 started working and my fan came on once desired temp was reached. So no idea how / why that is but it is almost like it still had a mapping to Engine Fan 1 on Aux 3?
  2. Correct on both counts. I can upload the map file if you like but not sure if that is any help or advised EDIT: There was actually Engine Fan 1 set on Aux 3 which I am not using, but I am confident I had turned that off before testing with car running yesterday, however if you are leaning towards that as being the most likely problem I can triple check and run the car again with aux 3 100% off and map loaded to ECU. Reason I say I am confident is my map from yesterday has Aux set to "test on" which I must have changed, map from two days ago I had saved from the ECU definitely has Aux 3 set to Engine Fan 1 at that moment. It is just a question whether I changed Aux 3 from Fan 1 to Test On before or after my engine run test yesterday arvo (99% sure it was set to test on not fan but I will have to check again).
  3. Sorry to ask more questions but no luck there ... (I may have opened my base map in a newer PC Link, could that have caused any issue with fan control?) I had aux 6 mapped to engine fan 1, the engine fan settings were as default but I lowered engine fan 1 temp a bit to get it working sooner for testing just now. Sadly temp came and went, but fan did not start. The Engine Fan 1 Temperature went a blueish colour which to me indicated it had hit the mark with ECT getting to that temp. Any reason it did not fire? keeping in mind if I set Aux 6 output to Test On, my fans work as expected, Off they turn off, key off they turn off etc. The only thing that may be of interest is I noticed my coolant temps reads on AN T1, not sure if that is standard or has been retro fitted? I do see the correct temp in ECT read out on dash though, Non Driven Speed Lock Out was set to 0kph so my understanding is standing still they should come on regardless?
  4. I should learn to read ... Thanks to you all for the help, very much appreciated.
  5. Awesome thanks, so settings there apply to the aux 1,2 and 3 fan controls?
  6. Thanks again, will give that a shot any way to see the temp setting that Engine fan 1 uses?
  7. Thanks I can see "Engine Fan" there with the hysteresis But how do I make use of that against Aux 6 pin in my example?
  8. Hi All Complete newby here! I have a G4+ plug in running my ca18det s13. Car has a ECT sensor connected / reading correctly etc. The car did not have factory electric radiator fans, was viscous. I have put fans in and want to switch them on/off via the ECU. I have the solenoid earth connected to auxiliary 6 at the moment and can switch the fans on / off with Test ON set to auxiliary 6. The issue for me, I can not for the life of me see how to set a fan control where fans come on at temp 1 and off again once temp 2 (hysteresis?). I set auxiliary 6 to be "engine fan 1, 2 or 3" and get the same results - nothing to configure other than Label, Polarity, Driver Type (see below screen shot hopefully) I tried using GP Output, but from how I understand it, I can turn the fans on (drop to earth) with cond 1, 2 with AND/OR etc but it my logic of this would be if cond 1 = turn on at >90c ECT, then as soon as temp is 90 or less it will turn off, so will come on/off non stop rather than the hysteresis way? Any help would be much appreciated, losing my mind here tonight trying to figure it out. Ryan / Stretch
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