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    R32 GTR issues

    Hello Everyone , I've got a couple off issues with my G4+ Plug in (I've gone from a Power Fc to this). Since I've installed it I haven't been able to get a steady speed reading out of it. It's very erractic (was getting a smooth reading on the power fc). I've tried rising and falling edge but doesn't make a difference. Is there anything else I can do to fix this? Also the ABS pump/motor pulses on with the ABS light on the dash as the tacho does it's sweep before starting the engine which it didn't do before. What does the ecu trigger on power up that would possibly cause this? I've attatched a short log and the .pclr file if that helps Thanks Chris Log 2018-09-16 11;48;53 am.llg GTR 16Sept2018.pclr
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