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  1. With the stock settings it is much better, but is still struggling to start like factory, it doesn't seem to jump into life like normal. I was thinking of stepping up the starting step a bit, but really unsure how to figure out what the engine wants when it starts log6.llg
  2. Thanks for that, ill get him to test and report back
  3. HI all I'm currently tuning a mates 1996 Subaru legacy with a v3/4 plug in and i cant get it to cold start correctly at all It will take a long time to crank over for the first start in the morning, after the first start it will start much better I have played around with all the cold start settings making both small and drastic changes to see what difference it makes, but none were observed I have also lowered the trigger voltage table from 0-1000 in order to maybe pick up sync quicker but also has not worked i will include the tune file and a starting log to view Any thoughts are appreciated and criticism to any other aspect of the tune is welcomed also Thanks! Bumpty20psiV4sti.pclr Log 2019-01-21 7;23;24 am.llg
  4. Playing with the fuel table I got it a bit better The closed loop control in the factory ecu use to react quick enough to stop the rich spike whereas the link is a bit slower
  5. Hi I'm just wondering how much deviation in lambda is acceptable on throttle transients, my situation is that i can tune all the cells with a reasonably close AFR at a steady state but soon as i release the throttle a tiny bit it instantly goes rich say from 14.7 to 12-13 afr and shutting the throttle completely makes the issue worse. I get as you shut the throttle this is closing the air off to the cylinder resulting in a rich afr but seems much richer than it should be. Just wondering if there are any work around to this or not? ecu is a v9 wrx plugin running a ej207 ID1050X injectors Thanks Robert
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