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  1. Robert.

    Rich spike on throttle change

    Playing with the fuel table I got it a bit better The closed loop control in the factory ecu use to react quick enough to stop the rich spike whereas the link is a bit slower
  2. Robert.

    Rich spike on throttle change

    Hi I'm just wondering how much deviation in lambda is acceptable on throttle transients, my situation is that i can tune all the cells with a reasonably close AFR at a steady state but soon as i release the throttle a tiny bit it instantly goes rich say from 14.7 to 12-13 afr and shutting the throttle completely makes the issue worse. I get as you shut the throttle this is closing the air off to the cylinder resulting in a rich afr but seems much richer than it should be. Just wondering if there are any work around to this or not? ecu is a v9 wrx plugin running a ej207 ID1050X injectors Thanks Robert