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  1. Hi there Simon I am New Zealander I stay in Auckland Manurewa manukau where about should I ship it or take it?
  2. If I have g4+ 4 plug previously From my evo 7 I want to use it for my evo 8 3 plugs is there harress or loom or adapter I can use to plug this ecu into the 3 plug evo 8
  3. kool021

    GFB boost controller

    Skyline r33 series 2 was RB25DE before and now RB25/30DET
  4. kool021

    GFB boost controller

    G4+ and using xsl loom
  5. kool021

    GFB boost controller

    Ok So better off connecting ecu to link solenoid and removing boost controller completely? Using XSL loom how to we connect it?
  6. kool021

    GFB boost controller

    RB25/30 vct full forge I’ll just wait for link technician to reply But I think those 2 wires connect to ecu xsl loom and ecu use the boost controller to get information from solenoid. Use it as sensor not sure yet tho
  7. kool021

    GFB boost controller

    I prefer connecting boost controller to ecu if it can be done I already connected knock oil air tem wide bend.. I prefer to do that.
  8. kool021

    GFB boost controller

    Well my ecu is not connected to boost solenoid my GFB is so how would G4 control boost?
  9. kool021

    GFB boost controller

    Can we connect GFB boost controller to G4+ ecu if so how can we do it?
  10. I need help with sensors wiring also I need base map to get the 1000cc injectors working on 98 octane so at less the car is driveble
  11. G4+ my apologies after I posted I checked
  12. What I forgot to mention is the car was N/A RB25DE never had one now it’s RB25/30DET
  13. oem wiring next to the power steering reservoir??
  14. need bit of help can i use XSL loom to wire all these sensors IAT would i be able to wire it to air flow meter plug if so (ground and sensor input) no positive or connect to positive boost solenoid 12v to one wire with fuse and where dos the other wire go?
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