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  1. So I’ve done aux 10 and done configuration in aux 9 to fuel pump but the intake fuel pump turns on when the ignition key is on and it don’t stop pumping. Before it use to pump and stop. Then it Starts pumping when you crank the engine
  2. I’ll try it tomorrow but yah aux 11 not working
  3. Aux 10 is missing from options aux 11 is not working
  4. Aux 10 or aux 11 not working only aux 9
  5. I use AUX 9 but fuel pump seems to run with ignition switch on.. i need it to start working when I crank the engine but good news is the sequential Spark is working and the car is running.. now question there’s options it’s says law and high we set it up on high or law? Also Second external fuel pump? How do we set it up on high speed or high boost
  6. Ac removed and ac fan removed ignition 1 11) black/Yallow ignition 2 12) black/green ignition 3 21) purple/fuel pump ignition 4 30) green/red sweet and how do we change aux 9 to run fuel pump??
  7. I think I got the coils wired up right they just need configuration now but dos any body know what aux I move it the fuel pump to?? Also how to configure the sequential coils or they don’t need to? and what aux output to suit fuel pump? Just want to start it and check it before I send it for tune
  8. I thought all Evo 8 New Zealand new have 3 plug ecu. But yah ok.. also for @EvocentriK if you can read what you shared please point out the PIN number? ill find a way thanks for the help
  9. Lil bit confused so trigger cylinder 3 and 4 will be going to ecu pins that control AC clutch and ac condenser? By any chance you know what pin number are they? Our ecu is 3 plug like the evo 8 MR I think Also cylinder 1 and 2 I can use those wires already in the engine bay?
  10. Yah ground is easy power is easy what you mean Ac clutch and fan? Aircon system? If so thats Removed completely also use xsl wire to get ign 3 and ign 4? Or straight from the ecu plug?
  11. Hi I have G4+ plug and play and 2 xsl loom I need lil help with NZEFI Ultra High Performance 4 Coil Ignition on 2003 Nz new evo 8 so I believe they come with wasted setup coils I need to change to sequential I can reuse ground and power not sure about trigger? also Secondary 044 Bosch fuel pump inside the surge tank I want it to be controlled by ecu only on high boost?
  12. Hi there Simon I am New Zealander I stay in Auckland Manurewa manukau where about should I ship it or take it?
  13. If I have g4+ 4 plug previously From my evo 7 I want to use it for my evo 8 3 plugs is there harress or loom or adapter I can use to plug this ecu into the 3 plug evo 8
  14. Skyline r33 series 2 was RB25DE before and now RB25/30DET
  15. G4+ and using xsl loom
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