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  1. Hi @Simon how do I go about getting the ecu modified? Do I have to send it to link ? I'm in the uk . What would be the cost of this many thanks, Tom.
  2. I'm fully aware on how to wire the ignition outputs and configure them .. my point is I have searched the forum an seen posts saying this is not possible due to the hold power circuit on the evo 1-3 pnp board. If this is the case I would like a definite answer as this will clearly affect how I build my engine loom if I can only run wasted spark.
  3. Hi there I am finalizing my engine harness design for my evo 3 .. I have a link g4+ pnp . I am making quite a few changes to the original loom hence why I am making a complete new loom.. I will be using later evo triggers instead of the cas and using a kigly 12 tooth crank trigger wheel and using oil and fuel pressure transducers and fitting a wide band knock sensor .. also will not require hold power as I will be deleting the iscv and using idle ignition.. now to the point lol I would also like to use either r35 gtr or audi r8 coils in sequential ignition rather than wasted spark.. I have searched the forum and have seen a post saying this is not possible due to the ignition drive being used for hold power and that you can only use ign drives 1-4 to run sequential ign ..and not on the expansion loom ... is there a way round this? Does the board have to be modified? Is this possible to do myself ( I have experience with soldering and desoldering ecu boards repairing and removing chips ect from std evo ecus ) if so how would I go about this .. thanks .
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