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  1. Hello Problem solved thanks too much for suport trig lockout 5000 trig1&triger2 filter 1 no misfires Thanks
  2. Hello, i check my rev limit section advanced mode is off i will try again Thanks
  3. Hello Rev limitler set to 8000 rpm sometimes cut 8000 sometimes cut 7800 rpm
  4. i try again trig2 lock out 5000 trig1 and trig2 filters leve1 now car misfires at 7900 rpm trig1 armin 6000 4v 7000v any ideas please Thanks
  5. Hello Simon i will try again and capture trigger scope Thanks
  6. Hello i try to change but nothing change car misfires under load
  7. Hello, i install pnp v88 my 2004 sti ej207 under boost my car misfires around 5500-6200 rpm i checked runtime values and trigger 1 err counter 5-7 when i change trigger 1 arming thersold and trigger 1 filter car cuts near 7000-7500 rpm and shows no trigger error anybody have an idea? Thanks
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