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  1. There is a model of G13b that came with a crank angle sensor with attached to the lower timing belt pulley, you then buy and oil pump (which the sensor attaches too) then need a sump off a G16b with a cutout to suit and it should all bolt up. It uses a 36-2-2-2 which is that same as an EJ20 from memory. This is the setup we are going for on our G16a and then just making a blanking plate for where the distributor used to be.
  2. Seeners

    Toyota 2zz VVTL-I

    Looking at buy an ecu to suit a 2zz swapped into a AE111 levin, Just interested to know if the monsoon would run the VVTL-I well or would I be better off getting the higher spec storm or extreme. Cheers.
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