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  1. The engine is Already damaged on cylinder one cylinder one Oil and water has mixed already
  2. Is was First cylinder three then we change the plugs and then it was cylinder one but now the engine and cylinder one is damaged now The car blow out a huge puff of smoke and now the water and oil has mixed So I don’t now what happened in cylinder one
  3. Hi Gsab yes I did he did the tuning on my Mini Hi Adamw yes it is running on ethanol
  4. Hi everyone why would a spark plug melt What would Be the Cause of this
  5. Hi Rob W just to let you know we got 280kw and 398nm I am very happy
  6. Fuel pressure sitting at 3 bar Injectors are holding up very well .6 bar the car is making 180 kg so far
  7. Hi all it's ready for tuning now
  8. Hi all it's ready for tuna now
  9. Hi Simon. Thanks you for the reply. Going to run 50%petrol and 50%ethanol
  10. 4 cylinder 1600 Mini Cooper s turboed
  11. Are they big enough 2 run ethanol mixed with fuel?
  12. Hi Tech12 I have found such a simple solution to return line the Mini R52 and R53 has a quick couple point on top right by the fuel pump but thank you for your response just using the original fuel feed now the car has two fuel lines
  13. Thank you Adamw. I will definitely do that what regulator do you recommend?
  14. Hi all. I have a Mini Cooper which I have turbocharged. But I have to do a return fuel line can anybody give feedback on how to do a return line.
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