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  1. what would we do without you adam haha
  2. Hi Team, Hooking up the standard VSS from an FD RX7 straight into a Fury so I can output it via CAN to an MXS Strada, and GP Speed output to a MRS Electric power steering pump for motor speed control. Seeing as this is a standard VR Sensor, im assuming I can sensor ground one side and go the other into one of my spare DIs? Even though its in the wiring diagrams its late and im second guessing myself........... Cheers
  3. Thanks Adam, thought as much, just wanted to confirm before getting stuck in.
  4. Ill paint a picture, I have a 13B turbo running on a Storm, fully tuned, runs great. For the purpose of making a spectacle at track day cruise sessions, I want to activate the secondary fuel and ignition tables on one digital input, basically, normal everyday tune when the DI is off, then 'look at me' flamethrower tune on decel when DI is on. Would there be any issues activating both tables on the same DI is what I want to know. The reason for doing both obviously is to be able to add fuel in the low load decel areas of the map and also pull some timing out in the same areas. I realise it childish hard on gear etc but any constructive input is appreciated. Thanks team.
  5. JakeRX4

    RX8 DBW current draw

    Thanks Adam, just doing some preliminary wiring sizing so that will help.
  6. JakeRX4

    RX8 DBW current draw

    Can anybody advise me on expected current draw for the RX8 DBW throttle body? I cant seem to locate it anywhere and I don't have one to test. Cheers team.
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