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  1. HellI there is ground wire with the USB cable for v88R and v88R3 even old uint V88 When you ground it to the block u can be online without turning the ski on That ground wire to which pin gos Thanks
  2. Yousef187

    Map sensor

    Yes map sensor type is GM 3 bar , the map was working before I drop the new engine I didn’t change any thing in the map it did fire when I first start the motor like 3 minutes then it didn’t start again and it backfire I did try many map sensor and harness, I’m using v88 R vipec on ski motor Thanks It was Marin working fine even I try standard didn’t make a different
  3. Yousef187

    Map sensor

    Hello , when i try calibrate the MAP sensor it gives me the error map sensor calibration command failed: current MAP 5kPa or 5kPa of baro I’m using vipec v88 I change the map sensor and still the same problem , it was working fine the day before I’m using GM 3 bar thaanks
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